A cross-platform application to automate marking and counting objects in images.

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Marcam Windows Documentation

Marcam Basics

Use File→Open... to open any image file or .mcm file

To save images and their marks, use File→Save Image Data As..., or File→Save Image Data

To export an image of the current window with image and visual marks, use File→Export Image...

Marcam images and marks are saved in Marcam Image Data files with ending ".mcm"


Enable Select Mode
Enable Mark Mode
Zoom Out
Zoom In
Zoom to Fit in Window
Copy Total Number of Marks to Clipboard

Mouse Actions

Left-Click Select Mode: Select marker at click location
Mark Mode: Place a marker at click location
Left-Drag Select Mode: Select markers contained in drag-indicated box
Right-Click Pan the image so click location is at center of window.
Mouse Scroll Wheel
Touchpad Scroll Vertical Gesture
Pan the image up or down
Shift + Mouse Scroll Wheel
Touchpad Scroll Horizontal Gesture
Pan the image left or right


Space Bar Temporary Zoom. Zoom in an additional 2.6x for as long as key remains pressed
[ Zoom Out
] Zoom In
Cursor up Move view of image up
Cursor down Move view of image down
Cursor left Move view of image left
Cursor right Move view of image right
Delete selected mark(s)